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This website is published by Clatsop County AuxComm for the benefit of members and the community of amateur radio operators supporting emergency and public service communications within Clatsop County Oregon.


Volunteers Needed for 4th July Celebration

Help with communications & safety patrol at Seaside beach fireworks event.

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Net Controllers Needed for Monday Night!

Unique opportunity to sharpen your net control skills. Contact Net Manager Robin for more information.

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Attention CC AuxComm Volunteers

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Soldiers from the Kentucky Army National Guard practice moving a reinforced concrete block with metal bars and woodblocks at Camp Rilea’s Cascadis Rising disaster training site.By Erick Bengel  The Daily Astorian June 10, 2016

Clatsop County isn’t as far along in prepping for a Cascadia earthquake and tsunami as Tiffany Brown, the county’s emergency manager, would prefer. But that’s nothing to be ashamed of, given that the region only realized the full magnitude of the threat within the last decade.