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By Kyle Spurr  The Daily Astorian
Published January 26, 2016
In a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake, the U.S. Coast Guard would set up an incident command center at Lewis and Clark National Historical Park.

When the men and women of U.S. Coast Guard Sector Columbia River came to work Monday morning, they were told they had 20 minutes to reach Fort Clatsop. In a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake, 20 minutes is about all the time residents would get to find higher ground.


By Michael Kuhne | November 11, 2015 | AccuWeather.com Staff Writer

In the late summer of 1859, an extreme geomagnetic storm bombarded the planet, igniting the ghostly, emerald lights of the aurora across skies as far south as Cuba.

These powerful solar eruptions of magnetized plasma hitting the Earth caused telegraph wires to spark, disabled communications and set fire to several telegraph offices, according to NASA.

In the modern world, the threat of space weather is far greater as storms like the Carrington Event of 1859 pose a risk to interconnected power grids, airline operations, satellites and communications networks across the globe.

"The overall goal is to ensure that the nation is prepared to predict, mitigate and respond to an extreme space weather event such as a large-scale CME [Coronal Mass Ejection] like the 1859 event," Thomas Berger said, referring to a new multi-agency initiative launched by the Obama Administration to help prepare the country for the looming threat of extreme geomagnetic storms.